It is no news that most men know little or nothing about menswear.

Most men who contact me for either accessories or style advice don’t know  anything about menswear
Some don’t even know what a pocket square is.
They will just say: ‘I want tie and that thing you put inside the pocket and that flower, what is the name sef”
Let’s not even talk about colors
A groom once said his wedding colour is pink while in the real sense, the colour was peach.

Knowing some of this terms will not only help you communicate properly with people ,stylists and tailors but also helps you make better clothing choices.
You will be able to say what you want when shopping without having to write a descriptive essay

It doesn’t take much to know the basic terms in men’s fashion.
I took out time to bring you 30 important terms you ought to know from basic shirt types to shoes and even popular patterns in the men’s fashion industry.
These are not all you need but it will go a long way in helping you talk with confidence and make better fashion choices.

Check it out and let me know what you think of it…
Feel free to drop more
terms you want to know and questions if any…

A garment that is custom-made to fit the wearer’s preferred style,measurements, created with the fabric and finishings of their choosing from the start to finish.

Most commonly found on formal clothing. Lapels describe the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket or coat, mostly considered as a collar

3-Lapel pin
A lapel pin,  is a small pin worn on clothing, often on the lapel of a jacket, attached to a bag, or displayed on a piece of fabric. Can be a metal brooch, flower ,material etc

4-Pocket square
A handkerchief, often colored or figured, worn in the breast pocket of a suit or blazer as a fashion accessory.

the end part of a sleeve, where the material of the sleeve is turned back or a separate band is sewn on.

A piece of functional men’s jewellery  made of assorted materials like glass, stone, gems and different metals used to hold the cuffs of a dress shirt.

7-Polo shirt

A form of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with three buttons, and an optional pocket. Polo shirts are usually short sleeved; they were originally used by polo players during the 1920s.

8- T-shirt
A T-shirt is a style of fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Traditionally it has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar. T-shirts are generally made of a stretchy, light and inexpensive fabric and are easy to clean.

9-Dress shirt
or button-up shirt is a garment with a collar and a full-length opening at the front, which is fastened using buttons or shirt studs.

 suit is a jacket that is made with a matching pair of trousers. The suit jacket and trousers will always be made from same exact fabric.

jacket that is not made with a matching pair of trousers.
Comes in a variety of styles and patterns and are less formal than suit jackets

12-Double breasted suit
A style of suit coat or blazer that features wide front flaps that overlap, as well as two columns of buttons. Generally thought to be a more formal type of suit jacket.
More often than not, the first column is for ornamentation, the second is for fastening the jacket. 

13-Single breasted
A less formal style of jacket that features a narrow lapel overlap and a single row of buttons on the right-hand side.

The back slit portion of a suit jacket, jackets or coats that allows for freedom of movement and help you avoid sitting on the your jacket.

15-Waist coat

A sleeveless waist-length garment with buttons at the front, often worn under a suit jacket also known as vest in the US, Canada and Australia.

16-Chinos Trousers
Trousers made from chino( a cotton twill material).
Often called khaki and usually comes in neutral colors like nude, brown etc
 They’re slightly dressier than your denim jeans but not as formal as a pair of trousers. 

17-Broque Shoe
Ornamentation added to a leather shoe through patterns of small holes that are punched on the shoes.Simply put, any shoe that has decorative perforations on it
Broguing is common in a variety of shoes, including Oxfords, Derbys, and wingtips. Chukka boots and sneakers can even technically be brogues. However, shoes most often called “brogues” have a low heel and tend to have wing and heel caps.

18-Oxford Shoe
Simply put, an oxford refers to a dress shoe that has a “closed lacing” system, meaning the parts of the shoe that hold the shoelace eyelets are sewn under the vamp, rather than on top of it. This gives the oxford a clean look and a slim silhouette, making it perfect for suits.

19-Derby Shoe
Unlike an Oxford, the Derby has “open lacing” meaning that quarters are stitched on top of the vamp – notice how there is no seam between the tongue and front of the shoe. Less-bound in both appearance and fit, the looser tightened laces allow for more freedom of movement.

20-Loafer Shoe
Designated for casual wear, the loafer is a moccasin shaped leather slip-on shoe which features a flat heel and detailing across the tongue

21-Double Monk Shoe
This is a dress shoe which features no laces and is fastened by twin buckles and a thick leather strap. It is considered the most contemporary looking dress shoe for men.

A pattern that consists of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands of multiple colors. Often used in flannel and casual button down shirts, but you’ll also see very bold men wear plaid suits now and again.

A  painterly textile pattern that resembles a teardrop or seed-shaped vegetable  commonly used for suit and jacket lining, neckties and shirts.

24-Pin strips
Narrow, crisp lines running in parallel, found in cloth often used for suiting, the pattern is evenly woven into fabric generally spaced one half to one inch apart.

25-Chalk strips.
A common pattern in the men’s fashion industry, chalk strips are Vertical lines on a suit fabric, designed to look like the colour of tailor’s chalk. The lines are subtle and hazy compared to the crisp, distinct lines of pinstripe.

26-Polka dots
is a pattern consisting of an array of large filled circles of the same size.
This pattern can be found in neckties and shirts and hardly suits and trousers.


The difference, in inches, between your jacket size and your waist size.


An interchangeable term for additional ornamentation. Accessories often contribute to creating a more fashionable or dimensional look.

Often used to describe everything from belts, ties, and socks to sunglasses, jewellery, watches etc.


Jeans are casual trousers made from denim: a rugged cotton twill.

30- Gingham
lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold colour.
It’s is one of the most popular men’s checkered shirts patterns.