As a Groom to be,I know you have a lot to think of and plan against your big day, from paying for one thing or the other,choosing the right venue, sending invitations, managing guests etc all these can be quite overwhelming and your wedding outfit is the last thing on your mind.

I also know that you are confused about your entire outfit for that day because you don’t really know much about the right outfit,fabric or even colors to go with.

You don’t have to stress about any of that. We are here to help you look your best on your wedding day.Today we will be focusing on your wedding shirt. What are the things you need to know before buying your wedding shirt? Are there Groom’s shirt rules and tips you should know about?

Things to consider before buying your wedding shirt

Let’s take a look:

1. Shirt Color

White is the only color you should really be considering for your big day. Why? Traditionally,White is considered to be ideal for formal events and your wedding is one.

You can also opt in for colors like cream, beige, sky blue or even black to show-off your personal style.

Sometimes you can be tempted to think because you have two or three wedding colors then you have to wear one of the wedding colors, it doesn’t have to be that way.

when in doubt, go for a White shirt.       You can never go wrong with that.

How your wedding colors can come in:

If you want to add some color, your accessories should be one or two of your wedding colors but make sure they complement your outfit.Example if your wedding colors are Maroon and gold, you can use maroon tie, white pocket square and gold boutonniere flowers .

Things to consider before buying your wedding shirt

2.Follow the Rule of Fit.

Make sure the shirt is your perfect size and you are comfortable in it,it can affect the way you feel that day.

To be safe,buy your shirt some weeks or days before the wedding,try it and get it adjusted .You can also get it tailored to suit your style and preferences.

Things to consider before buying your wedding shirt

3.How long should the shirt be?

If you plan to keep the shirt tucked into your trousers (which is best) for the entire day, then a longer shirt is ideal. A longer dress shirt will stay tucked in better and keep a better alignment at the bottom front of the shirt above your belt. Although I will advise you use T-holders to keep your shirt perfectly tucked in especially during dance sessions

things to consider before buying your wedding shirt

4.Collar Style.

The style of your shirt collar is also a factor to consider. Your neckwear will determine what type of collar you should go for.Wether you’re wearing a tuxedo or a nice suit, long tie or now tie, I will recommend the classic spread collar. It’s tips that touches the shirt make suitable for a bow-tie and a long neck tie. This is your safest bet.

Things to consider before buying your wedding shirt

5.Other Shirt Details.

Details like type of sleeves,cuffs and presence or absence of a pocket should be also be considered.

Sleeves should always be long and should stick outside of the sleeve of the jacket by about 1.3 to 1.8

If you’re going to wear cufflinks(which you should)be sure to choose a shirt designed to be worn with cufflinks

Things to consider before buying your wedding shirt

Your wedding shirt should not have pockets, it will make less formal especially if you have plans of removing your jacket during the reception.

Things to consider before buying your wedding shirt