Earlier this week, a client sent me a picture of a shoe he wants to order online.
I advised against it and suggested another one instead.
The shoe was decent and nice but he had the same kind in black.

To him,since he owns a black shoe, the next thing to do is to get a brown of the the same kind.

But That is not how it works.
There is no rule that says a man’s shoes has to be black and brown dress shoes only.

If you are serious about your style or you want to start taking it seriously, your shoe game is something you should not take casually.
Your shoes are still the first thing people notice about your outfit.

There is a variety of shoe types you can add to your shoe collection that will work with any outfit from casual to dressy. 

To be totally covered, here are the 6 types of shoes everyman needs and should work toward getting them to develop his style

1- Brogues

A brogue is simply a shoe with decorative perforations (broguing) on them.
The most popular ones are the full brogues also known as wingtip they are characterised by a pointed toe cap with wing like perforations that run along both sides of the shoe.

This is a must-have for every man, It’s uniqueness and versatility makes it so.

You can get it in black, brown or chocolate

2-Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are generally shoes you wear to formal events from derby, double monk strap or Oxford.

It is best you get black because of formal outfits like suits.


Yes,everyman needs a sneakers shoe too.
Sneakers are mainly for casual wears.
You can wear them with tees and chinos, jeans, shorts and informal outfits.
Consider getting white, black , navy or brown.


The the loafer is a streamlined shoe style. 
It is Low and lace-free, loafers are a mainstay of smart casual dress and are a favourite shoe style for summer months.

 A pair of brown loafers will suit a range of common colors and will work for both casual and formal looks.

5- Dress Boots.

Dress boots are built like dress shoes, but with uppers covering the ankle.

The chelsea is a very common dress boots.
It’s an easy slip-on style with an elastic ankle for flexibility and comfort. 

Another common type of boot is the lace up, as the name implies it has a full lace system that is either an Oxford or Derby style.

Dress boots are also versatile, can be worn to casual, business and professional meetings.

Pro tip:

1- Always remember that quality is better than quantity, save and invest in buying a good shoe that will stand the test of time.

2- You don’t need to get all the 6 types of shoes everyman needs all at once. Create a checklist to help you know which shoes you already have and the one’s you will get.
Get them one at a time.

Which of the above shoes. Do you have?
Which one are you buying next?