Men are Amazing. They do a lot and go through a lot they can’t say because society expects them to Man up and own it. They have to do so much simply because it is expected of them to do so whether or not they are getting a reward for it.

They deserve a gift this Valentine’s Day.They really do.

Most times men don’t end up getting gifts during their birthdays,Christmas, Valentine’s day… Because getting a gift suitable for them and the occasion can prove difficult. Don’t dillydally looking for gift ideas this Valentine’s day, because this post will help you give any man in your life a befitting gift be it your boss, pastor,boyfriend, husband, friend, brother etc.

The following are unique and practical gift items you can get this Valentine’s :

1- Smart watch.

This can be one unique gift for a loved one.Features include GPS, heart rate sensor, and electrocardiogram feature, there are activity trends that show your progress and warn if you become less active, the option to track period cycles for women, and a new noise app that can warn you when you’re at risk of hearing damage. The case is swim-proof, and the prebuilt workout plans include cycling, swimming, yoga, hiking, and more, easy-to-use, and highly accessible fitness tracker, with plenty of motivational alerts to keep you going. You can go for an Apple smart watch if he has an iPhone or Samsung smart watch if he uses a Samsung or Android phone.

2- Pay for an Online Course or Training For Him.

The year has just began and helping him get a skill or get trained would not be a bad idea. Just find out what he is interested in or what can help him further his career.

3- Cooking Set and Cook Book.

Most men especially single men don’t take cooking seriously,primarily because they don’t have time or don’t how. Getting him fundamental cooking set and a cookbook can help him take cooking seriously and perhaps a new hobby.

4- Body care products.

Body care products is not just for ladies. The men in your life deserve to pamper their skin and body too.Getting them body and skincare products like body cream, skin repair cream, aftershave cream, shaving cream, deodorant etc from a reputable company can be a great idea.

5- Portable wifi and Bluetooth speaker.

With today’s best wireless and Bluetooth speakers, it has never been easier to integrate your favorite tunes into your routine, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Wireless and Bluetooth speakers offer a simple cable-free connection that’s convenient but doesn’t sacrifice top-quality sound. A great speaker with modern feature will make an amazing gift this Valentine.

6- Dress Shoe and Shirt.

The right shoe and shirt can make great gift items. Gifting a man shoes and shirts depends on some factors like his style and preferences.

Take out time and know what he will like before going ahead to order for the them.

7- A month’s subcribtion

A month’s subscription be it data, tv, Netflix or associations can make a difference.This looks simple but can mean a lot to him.

8- Self Help Books.

2-5 Self help books can make great gift items especially if he loves reading.

9- Shaving kit.

Every man needs a shaving kit.Getting him one this period will be a wonderful idea.

10- Deem Gift Box.

This a custom gift box from us. We have different packages containing items like accessories, shirt, cologne, body care products, customized items etc.

Click here to order or use the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right of this page to chat with us, we will show you different samples and work with you through finding a perfect gift for a loved one this Valentine’s.

You have other gift ideas for him this Valentine’s Day?

Comment below.

Valentine’s Day gift boxes from Deem