Gentlemen, in today’s article, I will be talking on how to rock a suit without a tie. Firstly, a suit is when a jacket and trousers are made of same fabric. A tie adds a bit of uniqueness to the whole outfit. Wearing a tie with a suit is thus a must for all professional and more formal events. In reality, it doesn’t matter if you are a tie loving guy or not a tie guy at all. For most men, wearing a suit without a tie can feel really awkward and uncomfortable at first. Honestly, that’s normal, it happens to a lot of guys.
However, wearing a suit without a tie isn’t a bad look, there are times where you don’t want to look all serious but still want to appear stylish or look entirely complete. This option is only possible for certain occasions and events like a casual outdoor wedding, cocktail party, or even art exhibitions
Men have complained about ties, asking if wearing ties are compulsory or not, but like I said earlier, I’m going to be giving you 8 hints on how to wear your suit perfectly without a tie.

  1. PROPER ENVIRONMENT. Certain environment requires certain philosophy. Choosing to not wear a tie might not be viewed favorably and could have a severe penalty. For example, your work environment might dictate that the compulsory uniform given requires a necktie. Be sure to research where you are going to before you get there.

2, NAIL THE FIT. The way your clothes sit on your body affect the way they look to others more than anything else about them. Fit is always key and its even more important in the absence of a tie, when your run-up runs a greater risk of going sideways into getting all messy.
General guideline for a good fit is that it should sit close to your skin without pinching or constricting. You should always be able to slip one or two fingers between the clothing and your body.

3, DROP ONE OR TWO BUTTONS. You need to drop one or two buttons since the shirt is not bound by a tie. The more buttons you drop, the more dramatic your looks get. One button is casual, two buttons is the range of casual, while three could be reserved for those looking to give off some serious romantic vibes.
It’s really preferential how many buttons you should drop and there are few rules while making that decision because it all balls down to your confidence level. And the point to keep in mind is;
The amounts of buttons on your jacket. If your jacket has more buttons, it’s going to squeeze the shirt tighter, so the shirt’s opening should be closed and look less casual. If you are wearing one or two button jacket, the opening of the shirt should be wider, giving a more casual look.

4, AVOID WRINKLED COLLARS. Without a necktie, your collar is what frames your face. It gives this definition to your chin and your jawline. The collar of your shirt can flatten and flop underneath the structure of your jacket and look incongruous and sloppy. So don’t wear a shirt where the collar is going to spread out excessively and lie horizontally. Rather, you want a collar to stand up fairly straight and keep a nice vertical accomplish this, opt for a good dress shirt, for good measure, throw in some removable plastic, magnetic or metal collar stays in the collar, make sure you use the iron beforehand, and get your shirt lightly or heavily starched for a crisp and a strong collar hold to avoid looking like a broke magician.

5, WEAR A LESS FORMAL SHIRT. Your shirt choice comes into greater focus in the absence of a tie, and a more casual shirt telegraphs that this absence was an intentional choice.

6, YOUR UNDERSHRT SHOULD NOT BE SEEN. Undershirts are important because they can protect the over shirt from body oils, helps smooth the torso for a better fitting shirt and insulate you. Wearing the wrong type of undershirt can crowd the neck and can a busy illusion. For this particular reason, a V-neck shirt instead of a crew neck undershirt is advisable. The drop of the collar on the V-neck collar shirt is perfect for maintaining that glamorous look.

7, WEAR A MORE CASUAL, NON-BUSINESS SUIT. Skipping the tie while wearing a more formal, structured, conservative, dark-colored business suit just feels like you are willing to start something, but don’t want to go the way. It gives that ‘incomplete’ feel that mars the tieless look. Forgo the tie only when you are wearing a more casual or even stylish suit that fits better with dressed down social occasions.

  • 10,FOCUS ON OTHER ACCESSORIES. It’s true that your necktie is an accessory that draws the eye, but since you are trying to create a killer look without a tie, you will have to focus more on your other accessories such as;
  • Cufflinks- make sure they are a pair you are comfortable with. Be careful not to be too showy, but a good pair will be just fine.
  • Pocket square- pocket squares are very important to keep the tieless suit as refined as possible. Just a plain white handkerchief or pocket square, make a straight fold, and place it in your pocket with about ¼ to ½ an inch of the pocket square exposed.
  • Watch- your watch should complement your shoes and belt perfectly. If your watch is a leather band, the leather should be the same color as your belt and shoes.
  • Shoes-your shoes should be polished and shined. A shoe that’s made of a single piece of leather is more elegant and refined so it stands out more with a suit
  • Lapel pin- this is more trendy and modern, and will work out perfectly since you are not using a tie. Just make sure the lapel pin isn’t overpowering the other accessories. Instead it should complement it.