Like it or not how you dress affects how you feel and your general performance. When you dress better,your self esteem increases and that in turn makes you a high performer in life.

Dressing better should be part of the things to focus on in 2020 and it is not as difficult as you think.All you need are a few simple, easy tricks. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference and that’s what style is truly about.

Follow these easy ways to upgrade your style game without breaking the bank:

1-Always follow the RULE OF FIT.

An undersized or oversized outfit can throw you off your style game.Make sure all your clothes FIT,this is the most important aspect of your wardrobe. It makes even a not so good outfit look great.You can achieve this by buying clothes in your exact size or getting your clothes tailored.

All clothing pieces should fit.

2–Invest in more interchangeable pieces.

An interchangeable piece is that piece of clothing that can be worn with a large number of complimentary items.

Example-That white shirt that goes with almost all of your trousers is an interchangeable piece while a red shirt that goes with only one trouser is not.So instead of buying that purple stripped suit buy a charcoal or navy suit instead.

The more interchangeable outfits you have,the more looks you can create.

3-Old can become New.

Take care of already owned clothes.Learning a few tricks to properly care for your clothes can be good,This will save you a lot of money and probably heart break when one of your favorite shirts tears.So,Learn to iron properly, buy a repair kit,Try to own a fabric shaver,learn how to properly store cloths,buy shoe sprays etc.

Taking care of already owned clothing saves you a lot.

4- Up your Accessory Game in 2020.

This year,focus more on accessories.A simple plain outfit can be transformed by just adding one or two accessories.Adding accessory can also help you get a signature look,like using a particular design tie or lapel pin.So in 2020 buy watches, bracelets, ties,lapel pins,pocket squares etc.

More accessories, Better looks

5- It starts from the inside.

Real style starts from the inside. Fall in love with you.Exercise daily,smile more,be positive, be confident in yourself and take care of your body more, these increases your self image and confidence and can go a long way in transforming your outfit.

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