“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”

Bruce Garrabrandt

Who would have thought that the #bopDaddychallenge could take this creative and unexpected turn? With over 41,000 tags on Instagram, the challenge was definitely a hit.

#BopDaddyChallenge which follows the same concept with #DontRushChallenge but with the song “Bop Daddy” by Falz features men using hair brushes and other men’s accessories to transform to a well dressed and stylish form.

Frank Ileogben surely took it to another level and got rewarded for it.Last week, Falz who officially started the challenge shared on his Instagram page the winners of the #bopdaddy challenge and our very own Frank made it to the list.Check he’s here:

In this interview, Frank talks about the challenge and what inspired him to participate, he  gives tips on how to be fashionable in Nigeria. He also gives some insight on what inspires his clothing choices and lots more.

1- Who are you and what do you do? Introduce yourself.
My name is Frank Ileogben. I am a brand and communications professional.

2- How do you describe your personal style? What is your inspiration?
My personal style is a smooth blend of colours I find fascinating and garment styles that match my
persona. My inspiration comes from my mum, friends and a host of iG pages I follow.

3- What inspired you to join the #BopDaddyChallenge?
Two of my friends sent me a really dope BOPDaddy video made by Dotun and I thought it was fire.
One Saturday, after lunch, I decided to play around in my living room.

4- What I like most about your video is your constant flow of new ideas, different style and
outfits. The transitions were unique, excellent and well planned. How did you do all that?
Thank you. I used an app on my phone and added an extra effect on my laptop

5 – What inspired your choice of clothing for the challenge?
Random pieces or well – planned outfits?
Well planned; I do not like to be random

6 – Say you’re talking to someone who knows nothing about being fashion in Nigeria.
What are the essential pieces of clothing must he own that would provide the biggest improvement
toward a more manly and fashionable wardrobe?
I think fashion is so versatile that it can be expressed through many forms. Essentials will vary from
one person to the next. My essentials are nice multicolor socks, solid or pin striped pattern corporate
suits and a charming smile

7 – Share 3 fashion tips or advice for an average Nigerian guy looking to upgrade his style.

  • Wear your correct size, except you are going for an alternative look
  • Nice clothes without charm is a waste of good fabric. A smile and confident steps are a good
    place to begin.
  • When in doubt, wear all black.
  • 8 – A Fashion rule you never break?
    If there is a fashion rule, then I am the breaker.
  • 9 – Anything you want to add?
    Style is unique to each individual, when you find something you like, own it.

10- How can readers be able to connect with you?

Instagram @iamitom https://instagram.com/iamitom?igshid=1t34xuvxdr5mo