What do you look out for in a movie?

visual beauty, lots of action,  unique characters,  great lines of dialogue, good acting or an interesting sense of style?

Obviously, everyone has vastly different opinions on what they look out for in movies but as someone looking to elevate your appearance and be well dressed at all times, seeing movies with well-dressed casts can help you dress better and find style inspiration.

Over the years, we’ve seen tons of male actors and fictional characters turn into style icons, be it for vintage style, formal style, traditional style or any simple style of dressing. 

You will agree with me that now is the perfect time to see great movies but Seeing movies that add to your style knowledge is an added bonus.

Here are 10 style movies every self-respecting fashionable man should see to find style inspiration.

1-James bond movies

Top 10 Style movies every man should see

James Bond in all 26 Movies is a man whose reputation precedes him: As a Spy, a fashionable and mysterious man who does not allow any man or thing stop him from accomplishing the mission.
When it comes to men’s style, James Bond is the master of all the surveys.
In the early nineties, a book called dressed to kill was published that annotated the varying passages and trends bond adopted.
He is Mostly dressed in Brioni Herringbone linen suit and a French blue shirt.
  From 1962 to today, Bond has been a style icon. From the dinner jackets to polo shirts, a midnight blue shawl-collar tuxedo, double-breasted blazer etc.
You should definitely keep an eye on his outfits when watching any of the JB movies.

2-Kingsman movies.

Top 10 Style movies every man should see

Aside from the fact that the film centres on a fictional spy agency, The two kingsman films show us exactly how to style a double-breasted suit jacket.
You should expect sophisticated outfits from these ones.
The kingsman movies also show us the importance of good tailoring. If you have never thought bespoke,  you would definitely desire one after seeing the movies.
Most of the suits are double-breasted and cut to give.

3-The Godfather Part 2

Top 10 Style movies every man should see

The Godfather, the iconic trilogy is not just about business lessons. It also contains style lessons.
A story about a young idealistic man in pursuit of power,  it also Covers almost sixty years of style. This amazing trilogy especially the second has so many different outfits that are timeless.

From Michael Coleraine’s grey dupioni silk suit to his tan cream glen check suit with a cravat and even vito corleone’s brown pinstripe suit.
Here we see the true meaning of a simple yet luxurious look.
Despite being quite powerful, Michael’s wardrobe is simplistic and limited. The overall look is plain. There are so many outfits and styles to look at and take inspiration from.



Top 10 Style movies every man should see

Gabriel Macht stars as Harvey Specter, a legendary corporate lawyer who serves as Managing Partner at Specter Litt and widely considered to the best-dressed man on TV history. His normal uniform is an impeccably tailored two-piece Tom Ford suit with peak lapels and a single vent.

“Suits that means business “as the show’s costume designer Jolie Andreatta prefers to call this remarkable masterpiece.
With a mix and match of vintage accessories and modern-day cuts, suits are the go-to  TV show for anyone who aspires to keep up with corporate dressing.
If your dress code at work is formal, then you’ll definitely find something to take away from this show.



Top 10 Style movies every man should see

Power has been a favourite of stylish men since it first aired in 2014, the show portrays influence, family, drug money and lies to cover up, Also looking closely, a sense of style.
Ghost, Always representing the true businessman that he is by dressing dapper in most of the screen time. He is usually seen in dark suits and overcoats,  good shoes and luxury wrist watches.
If you are looking for street style,  then focus on Tommy,  he looks effortlessly stylish by wearing blend black jeans,  shirts , jackets and lots of good sneakers.

6-The Originals


Top 10 Style movies every man should see

We can’t talk about best style movies without talking about Elijah Mikaelson’s style from the originals.
Talk about a sophisticated gentleman who knows how to dress and act as one.
The best-dressed vampire in TV history is usually seen in dark suits,  white shirts and a signature white handkerchief that always come in handy after a blood bath.
Keeping up appearances and maintaining an air of formality is key to understanding Elijah’s style. 
Keep this in mind when watching the show, you would definitely love his composure.

7-A Single Man

Top 10 Style movies every man should see

A movie about love and loss,  A single man also portrays sophistication with a lot of style lessons.
College professor George has a superb collection of suits as seen in most of the scenes.
director and fashion designer Tom Ford’s unparalleled attention to detail is amazing.
The wardrobe here contains dark suits, taught tied ties, and the whitest of white shirts.
You would definitely get a lot of style inspiration here.

8-Fantastic Mr Fox

Who would have thought that Some of the best style lessons of all time can come from a gang of stop-motion animated woodland creatures?
Fantastic Mr Fox is seen in a brown, double-breasted suit and a mustard polo even though such looks were not common till 2011.
Mr Fox definitely influenced the men’s fashion trend
In the same movie, Clive Badger’s rocked A pinstripe flannel suit, pocket square, and foulard tie.
Check it out and see some dapper looking animals.

9-The Talented Mr Ripley

Top 10 Style movies every man should see

Do you like the 90s kind of style? Then this one is for you as The Talented Mr.Ripley happens to have some of the best costume design of the late ’90s.   Jude Law and Matt Damon’s displayed simple yet elegant fashion here.
Suits,  slacks and short sleeves characterised the style of the American characters.

10-Crazy, Stupid, Love

Top 10 Style movies every man should see

The importance of Fit was properly represented in this great movie.  Gosling’s fashion sense was simple-yet-fashionable with the fit as the most important part of the style equation.
Watch to see how you can have a well-curated wardrobe following the rule of Fit.

How many of the above movies have you seen?
Did even notice what they were wearing?
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Top 10 Style movies every man should see