The black suit forms part of the Essential items every man should have in his wardrobe. It can be referred to as universal suit because it can be worn to almost every occasion and at every time from a formal, business, religious or casual events.First things first, what is a suit?

A black suit is A Jacket and a Trouser or Jacket or skirt that are made from the same material .

Cambridge dictionary

Owning a black suit is important but beyond that,  you need to know various ways you can wear your black suit. Wearing your black suit with a plain shirt and a tie is not the only way a black suit can be worn.
A well-styled black suit can be a powerful weapon in projecting your style and confidence.
Continue reading to learn different ways you can style your black suit and get inspiration from the pictures in the post.

1- with a plain white shirt.

Let’s start with the one you know. wearing your black suit with a plain white shirt and a tie can give a very great look especially if you have great ties you can wear.
Check out our post on 5 essential ties every man should own here to get started on that.

2-with a patterned shirt.

You can take your black suit game a step further by Wearing it with a patterned shirt. Many men fear patterned shirts because mixing and matching patterns can be a little tricky.
The secret is: When mixing and matching patterned shirts and ties, don’t wear similar patterns. A stripped shirt should not be worn on a striped tie,  instead, use a floral or dotted tie.

3-Add a black waistcoat.

Sharpen your look and take your style to the next level with a black waistcoat,  this gives you the traditional three-piece suit.
No need to stress about how to pull this off,  just add a black waistcoat to look number one or two above.

4-Add A coloured waistcoat.

The black waistcoat in your three-piece suit can be replaced with a coloured waistcoat.
You can start with a Burgundy,  ash or dark green waistcoat.

5-Try a Turtle neck Shirt.

This is less formal and for people who are not afraid to try a street style, wearing a turtleneck shirt instead of a dress shirt can also give a sophisticated and comfortable look especially during a cold season.
The turtle neck can also be coloured so as to create a contrast.

6- White T-shirt goes too.

Black suit with a white Tee is gaining popularity these days, this is a very casual ,  cool and effortless look.
Remember to add a pocket square to finish up your look.

7- Tieless Black suit.

You don’t like neck ties?
This is a good can successfully pull off a black suit without a tie.
Get a great dress shirt and you are good to go,  make sure to add other accessories like a brooch and a pocket square to finish up your look.

7- Black Suit With White Sneakers.

This is a dapper look but very casual.
The white sneakers is one thing that makes it stands out. If you don’t have white sneakers,  try it with any colored sneakers you have.

8-Use a Bow Tie.

The bow tie cannot be left out, it gives you a feeling of seriousness and sophistication.
This look is for formal events like dinners, weddings, fundraisers etc.

9-Try a suspender.

Try ditching your belts for a suspender.
Nothing says classy like a well fitted black suit with a pair of good suspenders. Color and design depends in your preferences.This look can also be great if you like removing your suit jacket.

10-Blazer on jeans

Although this is not a traditional ‘suit’ style, you can add a black blazer on your usual shirt and jean.
A dress shoe, loafers or sneakers can all go with this outfit.